ANRGIRL is available to provide independent A&R and Artist development services to artists who are out there independently trying to promote their music, brand and find paths to getting their music heard. Many have taken chances and experimented finding new ways on their own. I commend and applaud you on your DIY spirit and accomplishments. However, there are many who seek guidance and direction to take it to the next level. I often get inquiries for “help” from artists to build fan bases, A&R label connections and to listen to their music. These efforts and services are considered business.  Take your music career seriously. It is a business. If you want professionals to work with you and take your music/brand seriously, do not insult them and expect them to make efforts for free.  This is what many have built a lifetime doing…making sacrifices early on in their careers to be at a level where their skills now have value to you. Developing, promoting and marketing your music on a professional level as an independent will require money to hire professionals who are experts in their fields. That being said, ANRGIRL is an independent as well. This entity is not being funded by a major label, financial backer, charity organization, etc. It’s a self contained consulting entity for hire with a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer artists professional guidance for improvement and progress. The services for hire range from A&R critiques on music, suggestions for production and direction of brand development, and project manager for launch of indie releases. My network contains “A” list multi million selling and Grammy Award winning industry professionals – producers, writers, promotion and marketing experts. Young Artists be respectful and careful of who you invest your time and money in to and do your homework! Your time, efforts and money are not something to be wasted.

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