Holly Hutchison is anrgirl. The company was born out of her love for A&R development with new artists. She left major label A&R to pioneer a new resource and access of traditional A&R for unsigned and indie artists as a reasonable priced service. Why should signed artists be the only talent to have access to A level production and songwriting opportunities? Holly has been a private referral only for hire A&R executive for 14 years. However, she’s decided to open her coaching services and the possibilities on a larger level. Her services are for serious artists who want access to insider expert information they need to compete and move their music careers forward at affordable rates. Holly has made it accessible for those artists who don’t live in cities where there are schools with music industry education programs. Visit anrgirl.com.

Holly is recognized as early talent identifier on Deftones, Alanis Morissette, Blink 182, Slipknot, Saliva and Muse. her signings while at Capitol Records include Bosson, SuperVision, Vega 4 and Johnny McDaid (writer producer Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran). She more recently handled the launch of Indonesian Pop recording artist Agnez Mo in to the USA and negotiated the artist’s mega deal with CEO Doug Morris of Sony Music Entertainment.

Among Holly’s A&R production resources and affiliations are Timbaland, Bob Marlette, Howard Benson, Bill Pettaway, Kirsti Manna, Ken Coomer, Shannon Lawson, John Rich, Steve Greenwell, Jimmy Douglas, Chris Godbey, Jim Beanz, Tha Heavyweights (Jack Kugell and Jamie Jones) and many more. Study the credits of your favorite records kids…they’re all on the internet.

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