You could be the most talented artist, writer and or producer out there. However, one of the essential pieces to your package is having representation. Who are you affiliated with? Who is your co-sign? Who is your champion?

No matter what level you are at in the business (trying to get gigs, get writing sessions, auditions or a record deal),  a major factor is who do you have in your corner and what will they do to champion you to great opportunities .

The music business is a risk business. The gate keepers and decision makers (promoters, label execs, etc) are at risk the moment you “the creative” approach them. Sure your friends and family think you’re great. However, these decision makers will consider two big factors – 1) Do you have a profile or proven track record of profitable viability to them in their marketplace and 2) Do you have professional representative vouching on your accountability.

The decision makers don’t do business just to be around great talent. The decision makers are in the business as a form of revenue. This is their career and business the same as an auto dealer, department store or executive at a company like Johnson and Johnson (many of the products in your home). Your music and talent is a product to them. If they put it in front of people like a dress on the rack or food on the shelf at the grocery and it doesn’t sell…that is a loss. However, the music decision makers can’t return the opportunity they gave to a creative to the manufacturer for credit. We’ll go more in to what the risk means on many levels to a decision maker later in a different post.

Your competition will be artists who have social media followers, proven ticket sales at shows AND artists who have “experts” in the business with credible backgrounds championing them.

It is important to build your following through self promotion (internet, social media, flyering locally). Nonetheless, to compete on a professional level it is crucial to engage music industry people to recognize your talent and consult you to your strongest potential adding “value”. When these industry people think your talent and/or your viability is to a place where they can “vouch” for you, they will start to use their “access” (connections) to open doors of opportunity. The ideal professional representative (manager, attorney, consultant, producer) should have a history of identifying successful talent early on and respect within the music industry so that when your talent is spoken about to situations of opportunity, you get the proper consideration. The outcomes can never be controlled or guaranteed. The “value” is in the “access” to opportunity/chance that the representative created for you. The best representatives will be the ones with the strongest connections to “access” the greatest opportunities. The rest will be on luck, timing and your talent being the match for that opportunity.

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