Because I offer something of “value” for which you seek. I am an expert in the music business.

How is paying for information or service for music career improvement different from any other service oriented expert professional – doctor, lawyer, accountant, continuing education where you pay for the service? It’s not. Artists can obtain information  of “value” or gate opening opportunities they would otherwise have not been exposed to from the experience of a legitimate expert. It is essential expert insight that leads to progression and improvement of your career in the music entertainment business.

Not all experts in the music business choose to work at a salaried position within a corporation or an entertainment company. In fact, many established music professionals have left large companies and corporations to enjoy the freedom to work on various projects while offering a service to artists that the artists would otherwise not be privy to. These pros are not salaried at a music corporation or funded by an entertainment company. Their expertise and connections are of “value”. They are gate openers not gate keepers. These pros provide an expert service like a doctor, attorney, accountant, nutritionist or even a trainer in fitness – all which work within a fee structure whether it be by the hour or on retainer.

I am an expert in the music industry. I have spent 30 years every day listening to music, living out business deals, situational experiences, studying charts, in studios making records with platinum winning producers and up and coming producers, managing 6 and 7 figure budgets for recording and marketing, and most importantly building and maintaining relationships of credibility with other influential professionals in the music and entertainment industry. I have worked within two of the major record label corporations and then chose to work independently which would allow me to work on many more artists than if I had remained inside of a corporation. I love working with artists, having the knowledge they need to move forward and seeing their progress. You can read about me here and view my career history on .

Artists have day jobs. They use that money to pay the rent, electric, car, insurance, gas, etc. What’s left over is used on recording, rehearsal, musician fees, travel, wardrobe and maybe making a video. When you work hard to make an investment in your music career, it should be a no brainer to invest in advice on how to exploit those materials to strategically lay out your path toward your success.

As I mentioned before, artist development is less now at major labels than it ever has been. Less chances are taken on artists in the raw. Therefore, it requires the artist to invest the time and expense in to artist development to build their careers before they are considered less of a financial risk by a large music corporation. It can take an artist with no experience or access to expert information five, ten or more years just figuring out what is needed in order to build a music entity that generates enough revenue to live off of and cover the expense of your music operation. Don’t quit your day job just yet.

Highly valuable expert insight has limited access. I have created the portal and the opportunity here at ANRGIRL. My experience and connections offer access to the hidden information only insiders in the music business know. This is an incredible “value” to someone who does not have access to that information or connections. Whether you’re an artist or young professional, think of it as the college of music and you’re hiring a private professor/tutor or road map to next goals.

Sadly, there are many shady people in the music business who do not have the leverage or knowledge that they claim they do. They make false promises and commitments, take the money and do not deliver. You always have to do research and explore their backgrounds before hiring them. You need to make sure there is accountability for the money you are investing. ANRGIRL provides that service as well.

If you believe in yourself as a career artist, you will need further direction and expert business guidance/connections in your career. Take yourself seriously. Treat yourself like a business. You have to invest in knowledge of business operations, service of marketing and development of your brand like any other start up business.

If you want to do this beyond a hobby or getting the pat on the back from relatives and friends, get to work! Handle your music career like a business. Read books and blogs about it. Do your homework. Research who is who in the business.