Picture the music industry as one giant chess board. The rooks have different levels of access value and the winning player makes moves strategically and wisely with a cosign “expert music industy chess player” directing them on the best moves offensively and defensively.

There’s limited access to the power players. These power players are of value based on relevance to your situation and need. Do you need more tours and gigs – your power players of value are credible booking agents and club promoters/talent buyers. Do you need to write a stellar song for your next record – a chart placing songwriter is your power player of value. Do you have a viable fan base and record material ready for major label level – your power players are – Senior A&R Executives who can champion and sign the talent to the label.

Want direction on getting your music ready for access and understanding the strategy for progress in music industry? Check out and utilize anrgirl’s A&R Services tab.


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