ANRGirl - 1 song evaluation

Today is listening day for current Custom A&R Evaluation and Direction submission review artists.  At the moment I’m listening to a new band called Ottawa from OH and making notes to get back to them. The custom evaluation is the first step to determine where your music and career are at. I personally listen to the tracks that are submitted through the ANRGIRL site. High scoring artists are invited to move forward with a scheduled and paid one on one phone consultation to get a more in-depth feel for what the artist wants to accomplish and give insight guidance on next steps, connection to other music business professionals and/or possibly even signing on to work with ANRGIRL’S developing team and network of her company IL SISTEMA ENTERTAINMENT.

You’re here. You already took a great step to moving your career and getting the info you need ahead by being on this site. Make your next move to advancing your career and building your music brand. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. ANRGIRL provides BOTH! Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Ottawa is definitely getting a high score!