The days of the record label “discovery” and signing of an artist who was heard randomly are extremely rare. The discovery comes when a talented artist or group culminates an audience and a demand for their music and performances when it comes to labels, managers and agents. The competition is fierce.  It’s the ability to “DIY” – do it yourself. Technology has opened many more paths and opportunities for artists to go ahead and start building their music career. One thing I have observed in all “successful” artists is that often their ambition and drive supersedes their talent. They will go the distance.

It is frustrating to see talent sit back and hope some music professional is magically do all the work and set them up. No, it doesn’t work that way. You need to be creating, working and moving. Professionals can supply opportunities to the next level. However, you the artist have to be your biggest advocate first. You have to inspire and show you are on a path and willing to do the work. You have to invest in yourself to show others your commitment and belief in yourself in order to encourage them to do the same. There is an enormous amount of competition and others who are aspiring to have a career in the music industry. There are different levels of having a career in the music business. You can say you are an artist, have talent and are making music and writing songs. But, do you generate an income or revenue through your talent? Ask yourself what your true goal is for your creativity and talent. Are you creating music for self fulfillment and a hobby? Are you creating music to enjoy fame and accolades? Or are you creating music because you want to be a “professional” artist.

ANRGIRL is an entity created to provide services that are accessible on case by case as needed basis. When you’re making it happen in your DIY music career and you need the quick answers, ANRGIRL has the information you need. Getting to the next level comes not only with talent and drive BUT ALSO being business savvy.  Take the right step. ANRGIRL is here for you with the guidance and information.