In 2002 I held the position of  VP of A&R at Capitol Records. I was working inside of a corporate major label and had first hand experience of pitching artists to be signed to the President of the label and then signing them myself. Not only had I built studio production relationships with Timbaland, Josh Abraham, Bob Marlette, I had also been schooled on what is known as A&R Research. This is reading analytics and studying charts of unsigned artist activity. I discovered artists like Blink 182, Saliva, Masta P and others this way. The criteria for signing an artist was getting more and more critical. I was living the change that was coming.  I left Capitol Records in March 2002 and had the vision to facilitate artists with information I knew first hand from being on the inside by giving it from the outside. Yes, having a major label behind you may take you to escalated level of audience reach…or it may not.

I created ANRGIRL to give artists the information they DON’T KNOW or EXPLAIN information more clearly of what they may know about building their brand, pitching their music to professionals (labels, publishing, radio, managers, agents) and handling their business side properly (networking, legal, marketing). The music business is EXACTLY where I saw it going 15 years ago. Do It Yourself is bigger than ever with the ability to record at home and distributing your music on your own.  ANRGIRL provides the information that artists would learn through professional management or being signed to a major label. ANRGIRL created an opportunity for direct information to further development and improve your music without actually being SIGNED to the label. It is customized direction according to each artists interest. It’s building a relationship with a professional artist advocate for future opportunities.