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22 08, 2016

A&R Access

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Picture the music industry as one giant chess board. The rooks have different levels of access value and the winning player makes moves strategically and wisely with a cosign "expert music industy chess player" directing them on the best moves offensively and defensively. There's limited access to the power players. These power players are of value [...]

12 04, 2016

Why do you charge service fees for information?

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Because I offer something of "value" for which you seek. I am an expert in the music business. How is paying for information or service for music career improvement different from any other service oriented expert professional - doctor, lawyer, accountant, continuing education where you pay for the service? It's not. Artists can obtain information  of [...]

4 04, 2016

A&R – A New Global Conversation

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I'm borrowing this phrase from my social media friend and guru Greg Lee of Imagine Nation "music is now a global conversation more than ever." That being considered, the internet has majorly broadened our reach to many more territories outside of the USA. The music business of the past was very micro cosmic and contained. It [...]

6 02, 2016

How do I get discovered??? (video included)

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You could be the most talented artist, writer and or producer out there. However, one of the essential pieces to your package is having representation. Who are you affiliated with? Who is your co-sign? Who is your champion? No matter what level you are at in the business (trying to get gigs, get writing sessions, auditions [...]

28 01, 2016

What does ANRGIRL do? A&R Creative Services explained. (video)

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[wpdevart_youtube]KVA6xzqbTyk[/wpdevart_youtube]   Holly Hutchison is anrgirl. The company was born out of her love for A&R development with new artists. She left major label A&R to pioneer a new resource and access of traditional A&R for unsigned and indie artists as a reasonable priced service. Why should signed artists be the only talent to have access [...]

26 01, 2016

My A&R Inspiration – Meeting Ahmet Ertegun Founder of Atlantic Records (video)

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[wpdevart_youtube]yu62SkQh_8Y[/wpdevart_youtube] Meeting my A&R Icon and Legendary Music Man Ahmet Ertegun changed my life forever - by Holly Hutchison. Ahmet Ertegun is the founder of Atlantic Records and served as Chairman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He signed Led Zeppelin; The Rolling Stones; Aretha Franklin; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; Cream; Bad Company; [...]

31 12, 2015

Progress – Best Wishes in 2016

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As we leave 2015 behind, we're very excited to see the new developments coming in to fruition each day as we amp up for 2016. ANRGIRL website is under construction so bare with us as things take shape. New opportunities are being provided such as music review and direction consultations. The direction consultations are for artists [...]

24 11, 2015

Adele beating the odds and showing MUSIC STILL SELLS!

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Adele shows the world that MUSIC STILL SELLS! This is what happens when stars align - you have quality music from a quality artist with a quality team and marketing plan. Article and photo courtesy of Billboard Magazine.