AnRGirl Livestream MCM Roadshowcase 

Submissions open now until May 17th, 2021. (Extended due to pandemic)

(For a custom  A&R evaluation click here

AnRGirl loves checking out new artists and helping them advance in their careers. For the current AnRGirl Roadshowcase which will be done virtually in June 2021 on, Rock and Country artists based in the USA will submit a link to one of their ORIGINAL SONG(s) to their Instagram or You Tube video of choice for AnRGirl to watch and listen by clicking the Submit Your Music button below and following directions on the form.

  • The video can be a live performance, music video or acoustic, BUT IT MUST BE ORIGINAL.

  • All paid submissions receive a custom A&R evaluation from AnRGirl Holly Hutchison, free entry for consideration to perform on the showcase and free entry to view the industry showcase livestream event. Further more, AnRGirl is always looking for a new artist to mentor in the studio. Based on the artists talent and performance during that showcase, AnRGirl will choose one artist for a free A&R direction and one song complimentary full production experience at East Iris Studios/Universal Music Group in Nashville, TN with award winning Producer/Mixer Malcolm Springer (Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Greenwheel, Tantric).

  • Up to eight artists will be selected based on evaluation and invited to post a video of their song for viewers/fans on ANRGIRL LIVE to support them on AnRGirl Livestream MCM Roadshowcase competition.

  • One Artist, based on livestream showcase performance, will be chosen to receive A&R direction from AnRGirl. This Artist will be given the opportunity to record a free one song studio master to be produced by multi-platinum winning producer Malcolm Springer in a world class studio East Iris Studios – a Universal Music Group Studio in Nashville, TN with cost of  the producer and studio for that one song to be covered by AnRGirl. Furthermore, AnRGirl will circulate the master production from that session to major label and industry executives, managers, attorneys and agents for consideration. AnRGirl may even consider releasing the single on her ANRGIRL label.

  • From the artists invited to post their videos on ANRGIRL LIVE, there will be up to 5 Artists chosen and scheduled to perform a live broadcast from their studio or local supporting venue (at the artists’ own expense) on ANGIRL LIVE  on the livestream event night of AnRGirl Livestream MCM Roadshowcase. The artists invite their fans and friends to support their live showcase performance  on ANRGIRL LIVE (read more here on ANRGIRL LIVE) worldwide.

  • Artist family, friends and fans from all over the world will be able to watch the broadcast via ANRGIRL LIVE platform. The fans will also be able to buy custom merch only available during the showcase broadcasts which will further support their favorite Artist.

  • The artists will be judged by worldwide A&R and Music Business Expert AnRGirl Holly Hutchison, Multi Platinum and Award Winning Producer Malcolm Springer, Hit Songwriter Kirsti “Songwritergirl” Manna (Blake Shelton’s #1 “Austin”), Radio Expert Erik Baker of Concrete Foundations along with the polls that are run during the LIVE PERFORMANCE broadcast.  Industry professional guests from labels, booking agencies, management companies, etc. will be viewing the performances inside the Live Chat .

  • There will be a learning element like masterclass session where AnRGirl Holly Hutchison, Producer Malcolm Springer, Hit Songwriter Kirsti Manna will offer valuable critique and guidance on their music and performance with priceless insight and information. Industry professionals, label A&Rs, publishers, agents, managers and talent buyers will have access to view the showcases from wherever they are. These will be open to fans, family, friends and general public to tune in to on ANRGIRL LIVE to see and experience REAL LIFE input and music business conversation.  This is no TV game show!

  • The AnRGirl Livestream MCM Roadshowcase artists pay per view livestream event admittance fees for viewing of the live broadcast paid by fans/viewers will go toward compensation to each artist. ANRGIRL LIVE pays artists more for their video views than any other major platform!

*If Artist is chosen to work with AnRGirl, the artist is responsible for their travel and expenses to Nashville and while there. Producer and studio costs are covered by AnGirl. Recording schedule to be determined by the schedule of Producer and Studio.