A&R Evaluation of 1 song


Custom expert critique from AnRGirl


Get your music listened to and receive a custom A&R expert evaluation on one song from 35 year A&R and music expert Holly Hutchison. Get listened to and potential opportunity to collaborate with an industry professional who is connected to labels, managers, agents, attorneys and the first talent identifier in major industry of Deftones, Blink 182, Muse and others.

Read more about her background in the “who is anrgirl” section of the site.

Artists who have submitted their music and/or participated in AnRGirl Showcases have had the opportunity to work with a  professional radio promotion and publicity experts, multi-platinum producers, and meet major and indie label executives.

Discovery for further opportunities has happened through reviews though not guaranteed. Earn a 75% or more on your evaluation and you will be eligible to sign up for a 30 minute Custom A&R ($120) and Music Direction from A&R Expert Holly Hutchison at the price of the 20 minute consultation ($85).


  • Copy and paste the link to your song that you want to be evaluated by "AnRGirl" here. It can be a Spotify link audio, You Tube or Instagram link for a video.
  • Please put the email you would like to receive instructions for your song submission. Sometimes people use different emails for music and billing.




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