Collaborate with AnRGirl


Get your music listened to and receive a custom A&R expert evaluation on one song from 30 year A&R and music expert Holly Hutchison. Get listened to and an opportunity to collaborate with an industry professional who is connected to labels, managers, agents, attorneys and the first talent identifier in major industry of Deftones, Blink 182, Muse and others.

Read more about her background in the “who is anrgirl” section of the site.

Discovery for further opportunities has happened through reviews though not guaranteed. Earn a 75% or more on your evaluation and you will be eligible for a 20 minute Custom A&R phone or zoom meeting with A&R Expert Holly Hutchison about music business and next steps.

*Bonus – Evaluations with 75% or higher are eligible for free entry to be considered to participate in AnRGirl’s next ANRGIRL ROADSHOWCASE for rock and country genre artists with Award winning Producer Malcolm Springer, hit songwriter Kirsti Manna and radio promotion Erik Baker.

From the ANRGIRL ROADSHOWCASE, one Artist, based on performance, will be chosen to receive A&R direction from AnRGirl on one song. This Artist will be given the opportunity to record a free one song studio master to be produced by multi-platinum winning producer Malcolm Springer in a world class studio East Iris Studios – a Universal Music Group Studio in Nashville, TN with cost of  the producer and studio for that one song to be covered by AnRGirl. Furthermore, AnRGirl will circulate the master production from that session to major label and industry executives, managers, attorneys and agents for consideration. AnRGirl may even consider releasing the single on her ANRGIRL label.

*If Artist is chosen to work with AnRGirl, the artist is responsible for their travel and expenses to Nashville and while there. Producer and studio costs are covered by AnGirl. Recording schedule to be determined by the schedule of Producer and Studio.