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Starting soon! A Question and Answer class with experts in the music business. Sign up now to be notified when the first class is scheduled in December. There will be a limited number of people allowed in to the event. Tickets for the class will be sold up to a week before the class. Click the button to sign up and be sent an alert to buy your ticket.



Artists can join AnRGirl VIP Suite. This offers artists the access to work with World Class Multi-Platinum Producers, Songwriters, Radio & Playlist Promotion, Managers, Graphics, Web Design, SEO/E-Commerce Experts, Merch and Video production like the artists who are signed to the major labels. You don’t have to be at a major label to get professional A&R and Expert services to work with these pros.

AnRGirl has vetted and searched over a decade to bring together a power team of professionals that can be hired to work with you on all fronts – music production, radio, playlisting strategy on major platforms, video production and social media coaching.

First step is get your custom A&R Evaluation and consultation to prepare for access and marketing of your music. Click the link to sign up now and get scheduled for your consultation.  AnRGirl will give you 20 minutes to discuss what your goals are and what the budget and strategy that your efforts will need. When you have what you need to move forward she will make the phone calls and set the introductions to the best of producers, writers, radio promotion, social media, etc.  Let’s get to work!

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Here is a place you can be discovered by some of THE BEST producers, songwriters, agents and other music business professionals.

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