Just a thought as I sit here and review some of the current activities or non activities going on with my music clients and artists I encounter.

It’s no doubt that the more on top of your career and forward movement you are generating…the further and faster you will get to your next level. I  see it everyday in the things that are right in front of me. When a music industry champion gives you an assignment or instruction on how to be in touch or what needs to be done next….they’re not going to “chase you like your momma with your lunch money.” Pay attention. The people who have the ability to get you to the next level have many different things going on in front of them….if they didn’t, they probably aren’t as valuable as you have been lead to believe. Therefore, if someone’s taking an interest and the time to give you direction….pay attention and do it. If not, it’s a clear red flag that they will not want to spend any more time with you because they don’t have the time to chase you down, hold your hand and make you do it. You have to want your career bad enough and be coachable enough to have the business sense to conduct your music career like a business. Industry champions and experts who have been doing this a long time have so many artists wanting them to work with them that the ones who follow instruction are the ones on which they will invest their time and resources. The rest will drop off in to oblivion. Are you for real or living in a fantasy land?…it’s a business.