25 07, 2019

What Artists Who Work With ANRGIRL Are Saying…

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“I reached out to Holly recently about a project that I really believe in. We have reached that weird middle ground where the band is doing well but we aren’t as busy as we’d like to be. Holly listened to the music and our story. She offered both great advice and reassured us on some things [...]

12 04, 2016

Why do you charge service fees for information?

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Because I offer something of “value” for which you seek. I am an expert in the music business. How is paying for information or service for music career improvement different from any other service oriented expert professional – doctor, lawyer, accountant, continuing education where you pay for the service? It’s not. Artists can obtain information  of [...]

4 04, 2016

A&R – A New Global Conversation

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I’m borrowing this phrase from my social media friend and guru Greg Lee of Imagine Nation “music is now a global conversation more than ever.” That being considered, the internet has majorly broadened our reach to many more territories outside of the USA. The music business of the past was very micro cosmic and contained. It [...]

20 10, 2015

New opportunities and new developments with ANRGIRL

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It’s been a little quiet here on We’ve been busy launching our sister company Il Sistema Entertainment, LLC for the past 12 months. We’re happy to announce that there will be some changes with the site so your patience is appreciated. We’re freshening up the appearance, adding new pages and new opportunities. ANRGIRL Holly Hutchison [...]

22 04, 2015


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New single “Atlas” by BETA Mexico now available in digital outlets worldwide including iTunes and Here are the links – #Itunes and #amazon                                                                       To access this post, you must purchase Basic Music Mentor Program.

20 01, 2015


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Veteran A&R Music Executive Holly Hutchison announces that BETA from Mexico has officially come on board at the launch of her new label #ILSISTEMA. This is their debut signing in the United States. More information on their recent recording with Grammy Producer Milo Froideval of their forthcoming release to be announced. #BETAMEXICO #LEGACYBANDINMAKING #ROCK #PRESSANNOUNCMENTCOMING   [...]