ANRGIRL Holly Hutchison has signed Stryker Records, Inc. artist Jamie Fontaine and The Level
from Green Bay, WI to release their new single “Save Your Life” produced by Jason Schrick of

JPS Productions and Malcolm Springer at House of Blues Universal Music Group Studios in Berry Hill neighborhood of Nashville, TN.
The alternative rock group were one of four bands who performed on an exclusive private
ANRGIRL Showcase at Rock Garden Studio last August 2019.ANRGIRL and IL Sistema will distribute and support the marketing campaign for Jamie Fontaine & The Level’s current radio single release of “Save Your Life” which is serviced this week to active rock radio format via AllAccess.Com.
“I am thrilled to see the commitment and the progress that Jamie Fontaine & The Level have shown and that the

ANRGIRL and IL Sistema has been able to be a part in their artistic development and music journey,” says ANRGIRL Holly Hutchison.  “Save Your Life” is now available at all digital streaming outlets worldwide.
Link in the comments below or find them on Spotify , Apple Music and other digital outlets worldwide.
Art by: Kurt Stevenson