2 03, 2019

ANRGIRL Is a Custom Mentor For You – Striving Artists, Managers, Artist Reps

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In 2002 I held the position of  VP of A&R at Capitol Records. I was working inside of a corporate major label and had first hand experience of pitching artists to be signed to the President of the label and then signing them myself. Not only had I built studio production relationships with Timbaland, Josh Abraham, [...]

21 02, 2019

Drive needs direction. What else can I do?

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The days of the record label "discovery" and signing of an artist who was heard randomly are extremely rare. The discovery comes when a talented artist or group culminates an audience and a demand for their music and performances when it comes to labels, managers and agents. The competition is fierce.  It's the ability to "DIY" [...]

1 02, 2019

The Approach – Don’t just make moves…move wisely when pitching your music.

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How many of you are blindly reaching out to music executives and or label scout personnel on their LinkedIn Profiles, socials or through their emails with a long front loaded email that explains all of your hopes and dreams why YOU think you should be heard and have the best music they have heard yet with [...]

22 08, 2016

A&R Access

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Picture the music industry as one giant chess board. The rooks have different levels of access value and the winning player makes moves strategically and wisely with a cosign "expert music industy chess player" directing them on the best moves offensively and defensively. There's limited access to the power players. These power players are of value [...]

12 04, 2016

Why do you charge service fees for information?

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Because I offer something of "value" for which you seek. I am an expert in the music business. How is paying for information or service for music career improvement different from any other service oriented expert professional - doctor, lawyer, accountant, continuing education where you pay for the service? It's not. Artists can obtain information  of [...]

6 02, 2016

How do I get discovered??? (video included)

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You could be the most talented artist, writer and or producer out there. However, one of the essential pieces to your package is having representation. Who are you affiliated with? Who is your co-sign? Who is your champion? No matter what level you are at in the business (trying to get gigs, get writing sessions, auditions [...]