Happy New Year. I hope this one is off to a good start for all of you creatives. Have you set your 2013 goals?

I have been busy making changes in ANRGIRL world. I’ve put the Sonicbids listing ANRGIRLSAYS “The Monthly A&R Critique” on hiatus for a while to focus on other business ventures and start thinking of new A&R ideas. It has had a nice 2 year run and I discovered some really incredible artists through submissions to that listing – BETA, Claudia Edwards, Jillian Valentine to name a few. Find them on Twitter – @BETA_MX, @listentoclaudia and @JilliValentine .

ANRGIRL is available to provide independent A&R and Artist development service to artists who are out there independently trying to figure out their music, brand and paths to getting their music heard. Many have taken chances and experimented finding new ways on their own. I commend and applaud you on your DIY spirit and accomplishments. However, there are many who seek guidance and direction. I often get inquiries for “help” with building fan bases, connections and to listen to their music. That being said, I’d like to make it clear…ANRGIRL is an independent as well. This entity is not being funded by a major label, financial backer, charity organization, etc. It is a self contained consulting entity with a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer artists guidance for improvement and progress. The services offered range from critiques on music, suggestions for production and direction of brand development as a compensated service (just like going to the doctor to figure out health improvement).

Any artist or beginning professional who comes to this page and is pursuing a career in music needs to know that an independent professional of value exists and is valuable because they have survived the music business and made a living at it. This is no hobby for them. They have become a proven entity. If you intend to hire them and hope for the opportunity that they will champion you,  understand that it is a service they are providing and they need to be compensated in some form to be a partner in your project. Remember your music career is a business. Take yourself seriously. Respect those that you want to take you seriously. Who you have on your team is what speaks volumes on the way your brand and intentions will be perceived. Think of yourself as a product and you need to hire professionals who can develop and promote your product to success.

I wish all of you great success on your music endeavors. Follow me or reach out to me on Twitter with inquires @anrgirl   See ya around!