What’s on my mind today? I was doing the 4.5 hour drive to Nashville from Asheville and thinking about all that is transpiring in the moment. What struck me the most is, sometimes you just can’t put things on hold. I mean when an artist is ready….they are ready. I am blessed to be working independently as an A&R Executive and Manager to  some extremely motivated talent right now. Empowering and keeping things with forward momentum everyday is a responsibility that weighs heavy on my shoulders for the artists I work with. It’s usually that WE – whether an industry veteran/professional or someone not in the business who is a music lover – are inspired and moved by the artists and their music. We eat, play, get through good and bad times and love with their music playing as a soundtrack to our lives.

On the flipside, it is a responsibility of those closest professionally to artists to keep them inspired and motivated. One wrong moment of pause or putting something on hold can kill the magic of the momentum when it’s time to keep going full steam. Sometimes it is strategically the right thing to do in order to protect an artist from getting ahead of themselves when they aren’t prepared….however, when there is that magic and doors keep opening with positive reception….it’s GO TIME.  After 26 years at this thing called the music business and doing A&R and management, I can honestly say….it isn’t about ourselves….it isn’t about over thinking. It is about intuition. It is about the big picture. It is the time to make it happen.