It’s been a little quiet here on We’ve been busy launching our sister company Il Sistema Entertainment, LLC for the past 12 months. We’re happy to announce that there will be some changes with the site so your patience is appreciated. We’re freshening up the appearance, adding new pages and new opportunities. ANRGIRL Holly Hutchison is extending a paid review service direct to the thousands of artists she hears from each day on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and instagram asking her to listen and comment on their music. There will also be consultation services….and opportunities to be seen live in your home town. There is also a new A&R Club community being put together where you can join for the opportunity to be more involved than dialing in to a TV show. This is something renegade and it’s not just about the creative side…it’s about grooming our future music business champions.  Every successful artist has a successful team.

My team is everything to me – Rich Weinman – COO, Greg Lee – Social Media Guru, Iris Dillon – Promo Goddess, Mike Daddy Evans – Moves Mountains, Robert Mattocks – Mad Scientist who brings my ideas to fruition and last but not least – Bob Celestin – EVERYONE needs a superior music biz attorney to get your back!

Greg Rich and Iris in NYC1422628_10153405540144709_7445494046516326165_n Robert the Mad ScientistBob C and I