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There is a growing amount of independent entities who claim they are A&R scouts or are A&R. Yet, they have never worked on a professional level at a company and/or been mentored by a successful A&R Executive or Producer. There is a difference between traditional A&R and talent scouting, shopping placements and deals.

What is TRADITIONAL  A&R? It’s slowly become a lost piece of the puzzle. It’s the individual who sees the talent and vision of the artist and walks them through the process of:

1) Selecting strong songs for recording a body of work of an ep or album.

2) Making sure the song or songs are tight and well composed.  To get these results, an A&R expert will recommend further development of songs to turn them in to hits and completed pieces of work. The A&R expert will have relationships/connections with proven successful songwriters to make this possible.

3) Pairing the artist and their music with a producer, engineer and or mixer for the ultimate production that will represent the artist’s vision. Personality and vibe often play key factors toward a winning combination.

It’s no secret that the major labels do far less A&R development today than they have in the past. The decline in cd sales has resulted in staff cuts and for the labels to find more cost efficient ways of discovering artists. It’s become more research and statistic driven looking at numbers of streams on socials, independent sales and ticket draw at live performances. The competition has escalated with far less signings. This requires an artist to do so much more on their own to be on the playing field and on the radar of consideration.

It’s time to get your music ready to record and create the best interpretation of your art for your audience. It needs to be compelling and appealing to as many potential fans as possible.  The delivery is revealed in the quality of your recordings.

You don’t need an A&R gate keeper…you need an A&R gate opener.

You have the music, you have a fan base it’s time to record that stellar record. But before rushing in to the studio with your hard earned $ to record and make a major investment (money is hard to come by for DIY artists), ANRGIRL offers a demo review service encompassing honest feedback, A&R direction and suggestions.

Next step after getting your review, you can set up a paid 30 min private A&R Music Meeting to discuss your music and work through your questions on direction, writing, recording, etc.

Lastly, ANRGIRL provides a specialized service that has become a lost step in the process – A&R Direction. This is a custom A&R service. This expert service includes recommendations for pre-production writing and production ideas/options. Also, with this service, you don’t need to be signed to an established entity or label for access to top tier talent producers, writers and engineers. If you have your recording funds and a budget together, ANRGIRL can open the door making introductions and creating direct opportunities to pro writers, producers, mixers and engineers – maybe even some who’ve done your favorite records. It’s ANRGIRL’s passion for playing matchmaker between a hot new artist and top writers and producer. Please inquire for pricing and budget requirements on this service.

Let’s not put the cart before the horse. First thing is first. Enlist ANRGIRL to review your music to get you on your way. Fill out the form below and make a payment to paypal account by clicking the button.