I’m borrowing this phrase from my social media friend and guru Greg Lee of Imagine Nation “music is now a global conversation more than ever.” That being considered, the internet has majorly broadened our reach to many more territories outside of the USA. The music business of the past was very micro cosmic and contained. It has been a “who’s who” club for decades. I believe there will always be that sense of fraternity and relationships weighing in. Some territories have been working partners for many years. However, new frontiers are opening in regions like Asia. Piracy is being addressed and music is being looked at as commerce and culture. Human interaction and regard for the art of music is being monitored with value as we see foreign governments impose policies that regulate internet usage. We can now look to bridge our relationships and extend our vast experience of what has worked and not worked to parts of the world who wish to share and develop talent while learning from Western Culture on how to build the commercial side of music to have value. I have been involved in bridging this gap culturally since 1999.  During my tenure as an A&R Executive at Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA,  I signed a Swedish artist name Bosson from a well respected indie label called MNW. The head of International Marketing and A&R for that label was Jean Hsaio-Wernheim. Jean, who is based in Sweden and is Taiwanese born, is an expert in international music marketing. She has immense knowledge on the music business in China with a stronghold of contacts and respect there.  We have become great allies in the music industry out of our love and passion for the art of music. There are great developments in new platforms and global opportunities blooming as a result of our commitment to the process and business.  I will be keeping my readers updated here on anrgirl.com on that progress.

As a footnote, I have also championed artists from Indonesia, Sydney, London, Mexico and India. Think outside of the box no matter if you’re an artist or a business executive. The internet is a valuable place to reach new audiences all over the world to sell and promote your art. Best wishes.