The first of a series in Behind the Scenes rock and roll stories from the 80s.

Author Peter Mantas is a long time respected NJ Entertainment Director.

I was to the right of Jon , keeping people from crossing the street . When the light down the block would turn red everyone would step out for a few shots. Jon was freezing ! If you look at his face , kept yelling at me cmon Pierre stop the people from crossing behind the shot. We never met the girl til that afternoon . Ellen something. The shoot was down the block from Doc McGhees office above Mickey Mantles on CPWest. We walked down the street near Lincoln Center . No permits, no nothing . Light turns red , run and get in position. Clenched fists on JBJ cause it was cold, I wasn’t !

Video was shot at Silvercup Studios for Free . Doc got Robert Mott who had done Coca Cola commercials to do it for nothing as MTV & videos were becoming popular. Doc hired the lead dancer in Cats on Broadway to teach Jon some moves, you shoulda seen Jon s face when this guy started showing him some ” Rock Star moves” . . And that Girl was so ugly . When we finally got to see the finished video the band was so disappointed . They were not happy at all ! I still chuckle whenever I see this one. I did get paid a lot of $ for 2 days. And I got to meet Peter Boyle & Woody Allen there , too. Now it’s Kaufman Astoria Studios , back then it was Silvercup .

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