Taken from my recent interview in Muen Magazine and Altrevolt.com


What advice do you have for bands out there who aspire to be rock stars?
I would tell them to follow up on all their leads, build relationships and treat them with respect. Be smart about your business, educate yourself and take nothing for granted. That is why Gene Simmons is a success. He is the epitome of Rock Star! I’m a huge fan because he is so smart. He has an instinct for it and he does his thing. He doesn’t take anything lightly, he is serious about himself, his music and his band. He takes the time to be educated, so that when he sits in a meeting with people he knows what he is talking about. A lot of bands think someone else is going to get them all this information and someone else is going to make all their decisions. Then they turn around and say “Oh someone stole my publishing!” It’s like “Were you sitting in the meeting with the information?” Even if you are not an expert, did you ask the question?” Don’t point the finger, this is your career, so be responsible. Then you will be smart enough to decide who should I have around me and who should I not have around me? That is my other pet peeve, artists not being able to really look at who they have around them. Who is telling you what you want to hear and who is telling the truth? Stay with the person who is telling you the truth. Other people will blow smoke up your ass and that is the fast way to go the wrong way.