London Ivory – “Broken Bottle”

In keeping with the spirit in which this ANRGIRL Says listing was created, not every listing selected is meant to have flags waving and a pat on the back. Constructive criticism and direction is the greatest gift an industry professional can give you. I’m hoping that opportunities for personal growth as well as business come for everyone who has been selected for the Critique.

I’ve selected London Ivory “Broken Bottle” because I feel this artist submission would benefit most from this critique. There were many promising submissions this month which will be revealed in the Hotseat Commentary tab on ANRGIRL.COM.

The song tells a story but could use a little more skill in tightening it up to be a little more memorable inviting the listener to return to it. While the vocal is not technically perfect, the passion in the delivery to it is what had me revisit it. Perhaps a little development with a seasoned writer or producer, this song would move him along in his music career…sort of in the Billy Joel story type vibe like “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”.

I read London Ivory’s bio while listening to the song. The passion for the music is obviously there. However, from reading the bio I’m wondering why I don’t see any social media outlets for contact and interaction which would offer opportunity outside of the artist’s small town limitations. Making the move to research submissions on Sonicbids and submitting your song to ANRGIRL Says is a step in a forward direction. The internet provides such a great platform for your music to be discovered but you have to take the initiative to create that…also do the research online…there are so many blogs, books, etc that can give some tips on how to market your music for exposure. You can say it’s not about the fame and fortune, but if you really want your music heard and to do it on a level to reach the masses it’s not going to come knocking  at one’s front door. You have to be heard : )