Bulat Gafarov – (Toke-Cha)   “Fire”

Moscow, Russia


OFF THE HOOK! I have not ever received such a creative, inventive submission to this listing ever. This is insane what this individual does! I almost didn’t know where to start with this submission’s Critique. Instead, I was inspired to write a rave review. Bulat is an extraordinary talent that many of us may never have otherwise been exposed. The music is different from any commercial format but so much of what I hear and realize in his song is that music crosses ethnic, cultural boundaries creating sensations that we all can appreciate…many of the sounds that an artist like this creates in to a musical composition can also be experienced in commercial pieces of work from a well known producer like Timbaland who is extremely inspired by world music sounds. It’s awesome to hear the varying combination of global instruments blended together to create mood and song. I hope to see greater exposure for this artist and that many, many more people will be moved by it. Who knows, maybe with all the forms of technology today and new ways to discover artists from around the world…Bulat and his group will somehow find their way into homes globally.

Excuse me while I directly quote his bio – “Bulat plays live one-man band performances on about 30 musical instruments and sings several kinds of singing: Throat (overtone), Tatar, Oriental, Russian and Beatbox with FX sounds.

Bulat plays music since 6 years old, composed music since12 years old. At the College of Music he studied violin, piano, trumpet. Then Bulat two years studied composition at the Moscow Conservatory.

At 16 years old he started to collect ethnic musical instruments: flutes, jew’s harps, ethnic percussion (darbuka, djembe), didgeridoo, sitar, koto, kalimba and others. Now in his collection about 300 musical instruments.”