Geri X – “You Can Have Me”

St. Petersburg,  Florida

The song is simple but catches the essence and vibe of the character in this song. I applaud the effects and instrumentation blended to complete the soundtrack vibe. The song is like a train rolling along through a storybook and it arrives at its destination sooner than desired…hit replay and take it in again.

It also is a great introduction to the artist and intrigued me enough to look in to Geri X’s other music and check out a few video blog episodes on You Tube. My favorite is Episode 12 Love On Demand It’s impressive to see that she has released 13 records of songs on her own and has done extensive touring to promote them as well as building a solid relationship with her fans.  It’s a treasure to come across an organic sincere indie artist like this. I look forward to following Geri X on her journey through her music career.