I was fortunate to start off my career in the music business meeting one of the greatest music business pioneers ever – Ahmet Ertegun. It’s hard to believe it was over 25 years ago. While in college preparing to go to law school…when low and behold, one boring night when I should have been studying for a 8 am exam…my life changed forever. I stumbled in to a band named Skid Row. Yes friends, this was a time before Sebastian Bach…There was a fun, crazy yet sincere vibe about these guys that drew me in. I wanted to be a part of it and make a difference.

I stayed in touch with the guys. They gave their original singer the boot. I’d go to their rehearsals at a friend’s house and sit on the steps listening to them practice without a singer. Finally one day Snake called me to tell me they’d found a singer and did I want to do a show with them at the venue I was booking at in Allentown called Airport Music Hall. I said “Of course!”.

We were prepping the place for the show. The band was loading in and doing soundcheck when the guy who ran the place called
me in to his office. I told him I was worried that the snow storm was going to hurt the draw and especially with it being their first time playing in Allentown. He said, “Don’t worry…we have one person coming who will make up for that.” Ahmet Ertegun was flying in for the show via HELICOPTER! Jason Flom (who was a young A&R rep at the time) had gotten Ahmet all wound up about the band.

Ahmet showed up in his suit with another couple. The ladies were dressed in fine furs. He had Tunc Erim with him 🙂 During the set, there was Ahmet down with all the fans getting in to the music and rocking out. He was a blast! Later after the set I was standing next to Snake when Ahmet offered him their record deal. It was thrilling….I was 19 years old and watching history in the making!!! Skid Row DID in fact sign with Atlantic Records and as you all know the rest is HISTORY 🙂  From that moment on, I knew what I was meant to do in the music business. I knew it would be a long road but I was inspired by one of the GREATEST! It set forward my dream to be a facilitator in this business and help other artists get to their goals to my best ability. My journey continues today….

God Bless you Ahmet Ertegun and thank you Skid Row 🙂 I get out of bed everyday and love what I do!