Kate Diaz – “Down To Earth”

Chicago, IL


I love the tone of this young girl’s voice and think she’s a promising songwriter.  At the age of 15, I think she’s off to a superb start. The song “Down to Earth” is a “call to awareness” type of song.  She has a natural knack to her writing that has a natural rhythmic flow. The lyrical content is clever in her approach in raising awareness to environmental matters.  The arrangement is tight. This is a song that seems to be over too quickly….ear candy created with piano melodies, vocal flow, etc.

Separate from her impressive songwriting and musical talent, Kate is a very driven young lady. I love to see young artists really stepping out and taking initiative in their musical endeavors. I always say it takes a little more ambition than talent to truly reach success.  She wrote “Down To Earth” after the Japan tsunami and nuclear power crisis for last year’s (2011) Earth Day.  Upon hearing her song “Down to Earth” representatives from the Earth Day organization made Kate one of their “Artists & Athletes for the Earth”. Following this honor, she went to Chicago this spring and recorded the song to sell on iTunes and donate the money received from sales to sustainable energy projects. In an email to me after being selected as the ANRGIRL Says Monthly A&R Critique, Kate expressed her passion for those organizations and feels that “maybe this would solve some problems with world peace if there were less dependency on foreign oil.”  The accolades for the song didn’t stop there…she was then invited by the EarthDay.org to perform at the Earth Day festival on The National Mall among many established artists.

If you’re headed to the Milwaukee Summerfest on June 30, you can catch Kate Diaz playing her “Down to Earth” song first hand on the U.S. Cellular Stage!