Music Artists….yes, this is your undying passion…you eat, breathe and sleep it….this is commendable. However, your music industry champions, connections, etc are not on your schedule. Just because you have a great working relationship with them, doesn’t entitle you to be calling, texting or any other direct mode of communication at all hours. If you have timely information that you need to get to them, choose the proper mode of communication. Pretty standard etiquette would be email them if the thought, idea or information needs to be gotten to them after 7 pm and before 9 am. Put URGENT – TIMELY INFO in the subject line. Be respectful. Nothing that you can have going on in business will be resolved on a Sunday…period! Business doesn’t happen on Sundays….especially if it is a holiday weekend. Be respectful and email your business to the industry person and don’t blow up their phone with text messages, phone calls, etc. That’s just DIVA like behavior and it will make them less excited about you causing the opposite outcome of your urgency. Perseverance and ambition are applauded but not when it isn’t done in a reasonable or intelligent manner.  There are a few exceptions…the industry person may let you know it’s ok to hit them up at a certain time because they are traveling, or they may let you know “call me if you have an urgent situation” because you are on the road or in the studio working on something. They will let you know that it’s ok then to reach out. Otherwise, best to consider the appropriate course of action above.