Wow….what a week. I can’t believe it blew by and no Tip of the Day! 😉 That being said, I’m posting tip of the week.

This one is a very important one. It will be of few words yet great importance. Stage presence….when your time comes to hit the stage, it’s all about the audience. The people standing in front of you. Whether they’re your fans or you’re opening for someone else. They spent the money and made the effort to get out of their homes and be present for the evening. Either they’re committed and interested in you already or they’re open opportunities for you to connect with them and bring them in to your world. These music lovers could possibly be with you for a VERY long time and will enable you to continue to have a music career. Their support will encourage and inspire you to move forward each day to write new songs, get on the road and afford you your creative career….This is who will be paying for your gas to tour, keeping your lights on at home, etc etc. Look at them. Connect with them. Move them. Remove from SELF and think of performing and bringing your music to life for them. If it weren’t for them….you’d have no stage to stand on. Think about it.