Remember, to keep it real. Rule #1 Don’t Kid Yourself. Ok, so you’re a starving artist – whether starving literally eating your 4th day in the row of ramen noodles or starving for success beyond belief…Everyone gets it. There are some true long time veterans in the business who are passionate about new music and discovering something new. However, you are not the first new thing that ever came across their desk. They’ve been to this rodeo for a while and have every eager line ever to come out of anyone’s mouth.  Yes, there are the stories about the obnoxious A&R Exec who has an ego bigger than all the souls in the room…wishfully thinking they were the star instead or believe they are….but there are many many valuable experts out there now who are finding the way around all of the significant changes in the business. Remember as you prepare to have a business conversation with the music business person that every day of their life for probably the past 20 years has been about working with artists like yourself doing business on their behalf day after day. You have just decided you want to do this for real. You haven’t had the experiences they have. This has been more of a dream or a hobby.  They have actually survived it and made money at it. It’s your dream, it’s your passion, and if you’re smart about it…it’s your business.