So you the artist have locked down time with a music industry professional. You have a meeting set whether it be in person or via SKYPE…please, do yourself a favor….dress yourself to be the star that you are. First impressions may be the only impression you have. You want this person to invest in you. They don’t want to be your hang out buddy or part of the fams. They are meeting you because they have taken an interest in your music for their business. In an intangible creative industry….time and effort = $$$. There is a cost and a tab running for any professional to invest in the time of an artist. So make the best impact that you can in that window of opportunity. Dress the part. Represent your package, art, etc. It also would be helpful to do some background homework on the industry person. You want them to potentially wave your flag and work with you. It will be a big positive for you to be able to remark or have interest in some of their past career highlights or projects.  Remember, there are plenty of “potentials” and the competition to get someone to focus on you is steep. Blow them away so they feel committed to you and willing to walk from that meeting saying awesome things about you to their other industry colleagues and peers.