I’ll catch you up later on all of the exciting moments and events that have taken place since my last post in early July (and there have been MANY). But today, we’re going to talk about relationships. No matter how you slice it. The music business is energy that lives on intangibility, surprise, unpredictability,  personality and ego. I think the loudest rule I’ve heard in my head is “take care of those who take care of you.” Actually, I’ve done my fair share of even taking care of those who didn’t understand reciprocation. It’s all a learning curve. I’d rather have a little extra in on my pay it forward account than being looked at as being on short end. The one most precious stable thing to have around you is “solid relationships”. This is real. Everyone in the business rides the roller coaster….sometimes you are on the struggle to achieve and build, other times you are riding high with success. If you’re lucky and you have handled your business right, you will recycle yourself in different realms a few times over the decades….but there is a common denominator for having this good fortune…and I don’t mean materialistically or financially, I mean being afforded to wake up each day , be a part of the music business, making something happen and being able to contribute your passion in one way or another to  pay your bills (big or small) off of it.  So you ask, what is that common denominator? TRUST AND LOYALTY

Every so often I have to take a look around myself if things seem a little off or not productive and assess why this may be. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and weigh out who is able to contribute to your journey what you know you contribute to theirs – on both moral and spiritual levels. Embrace those relationships that seem most solid to you and treat them with utmost reciprocation,  respect and care. They will be with you for the long haul and they will support you through your transitions good and bad. I am blessed. I have identified these people in my life and many of them are there now 14 – 23 years. Remember when you are expecting something or asking for help, that there is a return side.  Talk is cheap. Action/delivery is priceless.