The experience I’m going to share is one of the many confirmations during my career that anything you set out to do is possible. I celebrated each opportunity by making it special. I couldn’t just sign the band Vega 4 (UK) in an ordinary manner. We had started mixing the album in NYC and the long form record contract was final. So by my suggestion, cold as it was, we headed over with a bottle of champagne and plastic cups to the World Trade Center. The idea was to ink the deal at the very top lobby. When we arrived at WTC, I requested to speak with the manager on duty. I approached him with utmost respect and kindness – not the often perceived entertainment executive of sheer entitlement and snotty attitude. He was so kind and was happy for us to celebrate this great event. He allowed us to take the champagne up and open it. I still remember his face and the faces of the wonderful staff coming over to our group, offering us well wishes and asking about the band. God bless all of them.

I’m always so grateful for each day I breathe another chance to facilitate wisdom and opportunity to music talent as a result of my hard work and diligence to be a great facilitator.  I’m not a salaried major label executive. In 2002, I “chose” to take another path and stay on the outside as an independent. I made it a mission to create an A &R service that would be a gate opener for artists. This new idea would enable artists or their representatives to hire me for my expertise, relationships and wealth of knowledge. I saw the vision as far back as 2002 when times had started change. The internet and recording technology was taking us to a place where less signings by majors were happening. More responsibility and financial commitment of artist development was falling on to the the shoulders of artists.  My thoughts were 1) how are they going to navigate to build themselves in to a business without the infrastructure of a label? 2) Who will advise them to utilize whatever funds they could get effectively? There are some artists who will figure it out on their own over time and a few expensive efforts. However, if you are not in Los Angeles or NYC where you may bump in to music industry types… who would you call or reach out to? I created the opportunity to reach out to an expert via anrgirl. You can take advantage of this connection on my Consultations and Review page. Also, make sure to sign up for future developments in the Newsletter section.  Lastly, I highly recommend you visit my good friends at for film and tv placement along with other opportunities. Tell them anrgirl sent you.

     Anrgirl music executive Holly Hutchison with Vega 4

on top of World Trade Center December 2000.

VEGA 4 signing