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Ahmet Ertegun walking in to the show I had put together for the then unsigned Skid Row set the course of my life long career and passion for the music bsuiness. Standing next to the iconic Ahmet Ertegun (founder of Atlantic Records) motivated me to move in the direction of working with artists creatively as an advocate. I was inclined to become a facilitator. There was a long road ahead of me with not having any major contacts, but I believed anything is possible. I believed in myself. THIS is what I wanted to do – open doors to artists and champion them to opportunity.

Things have changed since the day of A&R Executives discovering artists and signing them in the raw. So much more needs to be done. I left working at corporate record labels in 2002 after 12 years to create and build the ANRGIRL entity that would provide service to artists at all levels of their career. My experience, extensive relationships and talent for working with artists keeps me excited to be doing what I do everyday.  Knowledge, guidance and encouragement is invaluable. That is what I do.  I am here to be your champion. You’re not in this alone.