Ink En Soi – “Through the Sound”

Clinton, Mass via Brazil – (yes, that country in South America)

I applaud these young guys for getting on a plane to the U.S. from Brazil to make it happen – the quest to fulfill their musical dream. It’s always exciting to hear a young group submit a song at this level of writing. The production of course could use enhancement. What young artist’s doesn’t? The core of the song, the arrangement is there. Something to consider, I would take out :36 to 44 and :51 to :58 – it’s nice ear candy but the song would grab the listeners ear faster if hit the vocal to the first verse sooner. I might look at the chorus a little more closely and tighten that up. The song really takes off after the bridge…I’d build up a little more production in the second verse and second chorus so it has an ever stronger build to that outro. All and all, the song is infectious, building with excitement….mainstream but rocking with something to bite in to.

Ink En Soi are on a path and a sense of direction is there. Questions a young artist face are…who am I? What will my song sound like once I’m ready to record it? What will it sound like through the recording process and production, etc?

I like Joey’s vocals…he sings the lyrics with passion and a sense of depth that is not generic or contrived. The lyrics aren’t perfect…they’re in fact imperfect. Ink En Soi’s honest lyrics are reminiscent of Alanis Morissette’s raw demos for Jagged Little Pill (which I Have) and moments from Green Day’s style of writing. I love it. I’m excited for these guys and looking forward to seeing where their artistic journey takes them.


OMG! – “Blah!”

Brooklyn, NY

I have to give these guys strong kudos! I was shakin’ in my seat, bobbing my head to this track. I love the beat – intoxicating, feel good, fun. The lyrics are so in your face yet sung so smooth….I have to go back and listen to it over a few times to catch new ones. I found it extremely entertaining. The sound takes me back to the days when I discovered Stereo MCs and Tricky.

Sadly, because US radio is so restrictive it may not get there in this lyrical incarnation. It has potential to be a club and internet smash…..I wouldn’t change anything about it to make it radio friendly…it would lose it’s luster and appeal 🙂

I think these guys are on to something and am looking forward to continue getting music from them. I hope the future songs are in this vein with a slamming track. Turn it up, put the top and the windows down! Very clever use of the “Return of Mac” 😉