Goodnight Argent – “Battleground”

Pasco, Washington

Why aren’t these guys being played all over the radio airwaves and on TV spots everywhere? Their music is truly magical. I haven’t heard a voice this radiant with emotional urgency in a very long time. The song “Battleground” is infectious. They have a lot of great melodies all over the place. I’d do a vocal up on the “hook” of “Battleground”. The song needs a little work on the arrangement as it sort of veers off here and there while remaining intoxicating. It’s something where you love listening to it while it’s playing but you can’t remember the hook so may not get that pang to go back to hear it again but when it plays you like it. While the production is so gorgeous…I think the music approach needs more moments of space and solitude at the “You’re gone, you’re gone….” part. There’s not a dramatic dynamic that embraces that part of the song.

On a business note, Goodnight Argent are further along than the majority of submissions I get. I like that they are obvious and set the bar. For all of those working to perfect their craft, this is a reminder of the long road ahead. This group is obviously putting in the time and torture to reach their musical aspirations of being heard…yet no deal, no significant airplay, no big tour. This is a call to action that all those who want a shot at making music, living off their music and touching the masses need to be prepared for the journey that lies before you. This is where you decide…do I do this for the love of it? Do I have the talent and perseverance to go the distance? At the root of it all….its being in the right time, right place, staying the course and doing music because you love it.