Morgen La Civita – “Whole Lotta Trouble”

Easton, PA

I love Morgen’s voice…smooth, smoky and silky at the same time. I feel like I’m listening to Carole King round two when I hear this…with a little funky twist. There might even be a little Bonnie Raitt nod. I applaud Ms. Civita’s skill on vocal delivery and well placed voice inflections at effective moments in the song. An artist of today who’s tapping in to the vibey songwriting of the 70’s. This recording is live – I would love to see where a song like this could go with a full recording. The outro could use improvement. I think it’s a little lengthy when it progresses again at about 2:44. The song would end with more punch if it went to 3:00 at that 2:44 point and faded. It’s better to have someone hitting replay to hear the ear candy again rather than sort of tiring their ear and it not ending with the “wanting more feel” which is what that little repetition area feels like at the moment…that move/edit would tighten the song. All and all, this is a truly talented songwriter who needs to continue this path. I’ll be sure to follow her future songs as well.