BETA – “Cavidad”

Puebla, Mexico

How does one critique something that literally makes me want to get up from the desk and get to a live show pronto? I LOVE this! At first listen, it reminded me immediately of the first time I heard the Deftones demo back in 1991. It has that raw magic. So much passion fueled in to the music and the vocal delivery. BETA’s music captures the essence of this band’s vibe and presentation of who they are sonically and what they want you to feel. So much so, that it enticed me to listen to the collection of songs on their epk. It set a tone and stayed the course of continuity to define their “sound” and “identity”. The lead guitar as well as the solo is tempestuous and seductive smoothly dropping in to the bridge that implements a breath and dynamic to set up the outro. The overall percussion, movement, groove and rhythm stay on point and keep you moving throughout the journey of the song. I love how this vocalist utilizes his voice to create melodies that intertwine well with the guitar parts as if it’s another instrument not unlike Matthew Bellamy (Muse), Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Thom Yorke (Radiohead). The emotion in the vocals and delivery made it so that I forgot that the lyrics weren’t in English language. Who cares!!! It moved me. That’s what music is about…moving people and crossing boundaries.